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Weekly Special


Saku Ahi is the most cherished portions of the yellow finned tuna. Its deep ruby red color always helps it stand out. 

Classic Hawaiian POKE & BBQ

We're encouraged by Austin's love for food. So we are bringing to Austin our Hawaiian style restaurant and it’s inherently inclusive qualities. When people hear “Hawaii”, their eyes light up and conversations come easy. Our mission is not to reinvent the wheel, but to bring Austin the taste and spirit of Aloha. Our menu is based on recipes that are local staples in Hawaii. Our intention is to bring together quality ingredients and represent our home state with its classic dishes. In addition to, an ever changing list of specials incorporating a food truck style fusion. What's the sense of doing anything, if it cant be fun. Aloha..     

Healthy just got faster!

Our POKÉ is free from any unnatural additives.We use AA &AAA Sushi grade fish. All of our products are made with our secret ingredient which is ALOHA.   

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